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Zomacton is a recombinant human growth hormone intended for pediatric patients with Growth Failure and adult patients with Growth Hormone (GH) Deficiency. Usage of this product must be under the supervision of an experienced physician in the treatment of patients in the past with the same issue. Routine Fundoscopic examination must be performed before the commencement of treatment.

1. Preparation
Supplies required for Zomactin injection are,
Syringe and needle
Alcohol Swab
Puncture-resistant container
1 vial of Compaction 5mg (for 5mg)
1 vial of diluent that contains Bacteriostatic 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP (5mL) (for 5 mg) 1 vial of Zomacton 10mg (for 10mg)
1 syringe of diluent-containing Bacteriostatic Water for Injection with 033% Metacresolthat acts as a preservative (1 mL)
Supplies will need to be placed on hygienic and flat surface. Injector must have hands meticulously cleaned with soap before proceeding with injection.

2. Usage
Zomacton is injected to several areas of the patients’ body, back of upper arm, abdomen, buttock, or thigh. Injection must not be administered to areas of the patients’ body that has been administered previously. A disposable sterilized syringe is required for the administration.

3. Dosage

3.1 Pediatric Dosage
Zomaction dosage is reliant to the growth response of the pediatric patient. The recommended weekly
dosage is,
• Pediatric GH Deficiency, 0.18 mg/kg/week to 03 mg/kg/week
• Turner Syndrome 0375 mg/kg/week maximum
• Idiopathic short stature, 037 mg/kg/week maximum
• SHOX Deficiency: 035 mg/kg/week
• Small for Gestational Age 047 mg/kg/week maximum

3.2 Adult Dosage
It is advised to start with lower dose due to high-risk level for adult patients. Non-weight based patients start with 0.2 mg/day dose with increase to 0.1 mg/day after 1 or 2 months. Dose must be decreased if a patient receives adverse reactions. Male and female patients will have different maintenance dosage as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.


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